How can you reinstate driving privileges in Missouri?

If you are a Missouri resident who has lost his or her license because of driving under the influence conviction or another reason, you must take certain steps in order to get your driving privileges back and resume life as you know it. Not having a license can present clear obstacles with regard to finding and maintaining employment, so many offenders who lose their licenses wish to get them back as soon as possible.

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, there are certain actions you must take if you wish to get your driver’s license back following a suspension, revocation or denial. The first step you should take involves determining exactly why you lost your license in the first place. You can do so either by reviewing the contents of your driving record, or checking the letter you received when you lost your license.

If you are able to determine that enough time has passed for you to get your license back, you can move on the next step – otherwise, you may be able to request that you be able to drive in limited circumstances, such as to commute to and from work, exclusively. If enough time has passed, and you lost your license in the first place for, say, speeding tickets, you can pursue a license reinstatement by paying a small fine and submitting proof of insurance.

If, however, you lost your license in the first place because of a drinking and driving conviction, you must pay a fine, file proof of insurance and furnish proof of completing a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program. You must then bring or mail all necessary forms and fees to the state’s Driver’s License Bureau in Jefferson City.

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