Avoiding personal injury on the water

Have you been out on a Missouri lake yet this summer? If not, you may want to brush up on safety tips for keeping you and your family out of harm’s way whether you are swimming or skiing.

State Farm Insurance offers advice specifically for the skiers in your family, so feel free to share it with your kids and grandkids before the annual get-together this summer.

Before you get on the water

Some things to remember include taking extra precaution when lakes are especially busy. In fact, State Farm suggests foregoing skiing altogether when waterways are either very small or extremely crowded. 

If the water is shallow, it is also a good idea to leave the skis at home, and if you are not on a lake you know well, be sure to find out from others where the safest places to ski are. 

State Farm adds a caution about maintaining your equipment. Inspect it before your trip, if at all possible, and go ahead and take care of any problems early. 

After you start skiing

For safety in the water, State Farm reminds you and the other skiers in your family to review hand signals together so you and the boat driver are on the same page: “An extended right or left hand indicates the direction to turn, a thumbs up or down directs drivers to adjust speed and a raised palm means stop.” 

If one of you falls while skiing, State Farm says to be sure to let go of the towrope right away so you do not get dragged behind the boat. Lift up one ski so the driver knows where to find you when turning around to pick you up, and wait until he or she has turned the engine off before you approach the watercraft.

This information is educational only and does not offer legal advice. 



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