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Protect your pool - safety tips from the American Red Cross

Have you jumped in a pool yet this season? The hot and hazy days of a Missouri summer can make the chance to swim in cool, clear water irresistible. The allure does not just draw in adults either. The idea of splashing in and getting relief from the heat appeals to the youngest toddlers among us and nearly grown-up teens, too.  

Expungement law change good news for Missouri drug offenders

If you live in Missouri and currently have a drug-related criminal conviction on your record, you may find that it interferes with your life in numerous ways. Maybe it is making it harder for you to find gainful employment, or maybe it is limiting your chances of finding affordable housing. Regardless of how your criminal record is affecting your life, a new law that took effect this year may help you navigate the hurdles you face. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we understand how the law change can help state residents with nonviolent criminal records, and we have helped many clients facing hardship due to their records find solutions that fit their needs.

How can you establish paternity in Missouri?

If you are an unmarried Missouri parent and you believe you either fathered a child, or that a certain man fathered your child, you may have reason to want to determine paternity. Maybe you believe you are a father, but the mother of the child in question disputes your claim, or maybe you know a certain man fathered your child and you want him to pay child support, but he refuses. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting to determine paternity, the process involved in doing so remains similar.

How are assault and battery different from each other?

If Missouri law enforcement officers charged you with assault and battery after you participated in a fight or argument, you may think you face one criminal charge. Actually, you face two. As FindLaw explains, while assault and battery are very similar, they are not the same, and the prosecutor must be able to prove different things before you receive a conviction or either.

5 tips for helping yourself financially during divorce

You may never have expected for your marriage to end in divorce. After all, most people tie the knot with the intention of staying together for the rest of their lives. Of course, most people also know that many marriages do not reach this planned ending, as many difficulties can arise that make the relationships too difficult to carry on.

NSC’s National Safety Month kicks off

The National Safety Council holds regular public campaigns to alert you and others across the country to dangers that may threaten your safety. In June, the organization focuses on a program with a different safety topic each week. At the law offices of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we feel it is important for you and other Missouri residents to know about numerous safety topics and how to be prepared.

Do I have restrictions in how to spend my child support?

When you began receiving child support payments, you may have been under the assumption that the court might monitor your spending, especially since most payments are put on a debit card these days. If you spend child support electronically, will the courts or your ex receive receipts or reports on your spending? What if you use a portion of your child support check on candy, a birthday present or household cleaning supplies? These are not unreasonable worries for Missouri parents who receive child support, but the answer can help ease your mind.

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