Protecting your professional reputation: part 1

Even if you try to be friendly with the competition while doing business in Missouri, it is usually safe to assume that somebody, somewhere, could eventually develop a sense of animosity towards your success. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we make it our first priority to preserve our clients’ good reputations regardless of the amount of adversity they face.

Preventing damage to a client’s reputation is no small task when theft or other white-collar crime charges are involved. Since the attorney general’s office has the power to initiate both civil and criminal cases, and since this powerful state organization also assists in aspects of the initial investigations, we must handle each case with an exacting eye for detail. 

The relationship between criminal charges and civil allegations is often an essential aspect of our defense strategy. In any given case, there are very specific rules governing what a defendant could be convicted of stealing, what fraud he or she committed or which misrepresentations occurred. We examine each piece of evidence and each claim of malfeasance, often showing the prosecuting team that some, if not all, of their allegations are baseless. 

Ideally, we would want the prosecution to drop the case or the judge to dismiss the charges. However, since the situation sometimes prevents us from avoiding a trial, we are always prepared to adamantly defend our clients in court. Although your business rivals may already have done some initial damage by bringing allegations against you, avoiding a conviction or having your charges dismissed is often a good way to show that any bad faith involved came from the side of your opponents. Please continue to read on our site for a deeper discussion of various topics. 


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