Suggestions for protecting children at amusement parks

Each year, hundreds of families’ flock to amusement parks all throughout Missouri for the thrill and adventure of big rides. While many visits are successful and leave people laughing about the memories made, there are also times when unfortunate accidents can result in serious injuries. When people are aware of the risks they assume as part of their decision to visit an amusement park, they can be better prepared to make responsible decisions to keep themselves and their children safe. 

According to USA Today, family and adult rides are where a bulk of accidents and injuries occur. In the year 2014, 58 percent of all injuries happened on these types of rides. People who were injured in these types of incidents most commonly suffered head and neck injuries.

When families venture into a theme park together, they may benefit from talking with their children beforehand to help them understand the dangers of not following the rules or acting carelessly. suggests some other things parents can do including the following:

  • Teach their children about the power of water.
  • Adhere to warnings regarding a rider’s suggested weight and height.
  • Make sure their children stay hydrated and take breaks between big rides.
  • Have an emergency plan in situations where something unexpected happens.
  • Encourage their children to follow safety protocols regarding seatbelts, latches, bars and safety harnesses.
  • Keep an eye on their children and know where they are at all times.

Parents should also educate their children about what signs of injury to look for so they can seek medical help immediately if they suspect an injury.  


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