How do you get your license back after a DUI?

In many places in Missouri, you have to be able to drive in order to do anything. Taking business trips, getting to work or even running a simple errand all require some time on the road. Public transportation is often inadequate, and chartered services, such as taxis or online ridesharing services, are non-existent, inconvenient or prohibitively expensive as a solution to your daily transportation necessities.

If you need to drive, then it is likely you have some option to reclaim your driver’s license— even if it is on a contingent basis. The Missouri Department of Revenue controls the license reinstatement process, and the DOR website lists three steps you might take if you want to attempt to reclaim your driving privileges:

  1. Review your driver’s record or the revocation letter
  2. Determine the reasons you lost your license
  3. Take any actions necessary in order to apply for your reinstated license

As you might imagine, the real-life execution of this process is often significantly more complicated than the simple three-step outline provided on the DOR website might suggest. In the specific case of DUI, you would probably need proof of participation in and completion of certain state rehabilitation programs as well as various forms and application fees.

You might be faced with a longer process than you expect. Additionally, any error you make could set the whole process back significantly. Organizing your documents, taking all necessary steps in the correct order and meticulously completing forms are typically good ways to increase your chances of timely success in this endeavor.

Each license suspension case is different, and some situations necessitate additional actions to complete the license reinstatement process. Please do not use this information as specific legal advice: It is meant only as a brief introduction to the subject.


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