Can going to rehab avoid jail time?

If you were to stand accused drug charges in the state of Missouri, one of your logical first priorities would be avoiding jail time by all means possible. This might include negotiating your charges down, especially if they included distribution accusations or if it were not your first offense.

Negotiations might also include your agreement to accept a court order for a drug treatment program. While there is no guarantee any of your efforts would succeed when it comes to plea bargain situations, state prosecutors often see a willingness to combat substance abuse disorders as a sign of cooperation in drug offenses. In this way, there is a chance that going to rehab would have the potential to indirectly help you avoid jail time.

In order to understand the potential benefit this option poses, you should realize that most official substance abuse treatment centers have varying levels of care. For example, the Missouri Department of Mental Health website lists several official rehabilitation programs for drug offenders and substance abuse sufferers:

  • A full service program for people without Medicaid coverage
  • Comprehensive substance treatment and rehabilitation for various demographics
  • Gambling treatment services
  • DUI substance programs

These programs range from in-patient facilities to long-term counseling and support. Even though you might expect to be involved in the drug rehab program for longer than you would be in jail for the same charge, the benefit of flexibility of care and the ability to pursue your own goals during rehabilitation would likely outweigh the increased amount of time you spent in the system. Every situation is different, so please do not use this article as specific legal advice. It is only a general overview of the issue.



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