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Can going to rehab avoid jail time?

If you were to stand accused drug charges in the state of Missouri, one of your logical first priorities would be avoiding jail time by all means possible. This might include negotiating your charges down, especially if they included distribution accusations or if it were not your first offense.

Can you maintain ownership of assets during divorce?

As you and your spouse go through the process of getting a divorce in Missouri, you will be faced with many important decisions regarding your future. Often, these critical choices involve topics related to who will have full custody of your children, if you or your spouse will be required to pay alimony, and how your shared assets will be split. When it comes to dividing property and financial assets, chances are you will not be able to maintain full ownership of these things, but you may be able to split the benefits with your ex. 

Suggestions for protecting children at amusement parks

Each year, hundreds of families' flock to amusement parks all throughout Missouri for the thrill and adventure of big rides. While many visits are successful and leave people laughing about the memories made, there are also times when unfortunate accidents can result in serious injuries. When people are aware of the risks they assume as part of their decision to visit an amusement park, they can be better prepared to make responsible decisions to keep themselves and their children safe. 

How do you get your license back after a DUI?

In many places in Missouri, you have to be able to drive in order to do anything. Taking business trips, getting to work or even running a simple errand all require some time on the road. Public transportation is often inadequate, and chartered services, such as taxis or online ridesharing services, are non-existent, inconvenient or prohibitively expensive as a solution to your daily transportation necessities.

Knowing patients' rights can help prevent nursing home abuse

Many families go out of their way to take care of aging relatives. They remodel guest rooms, add access ramps to their homes and welcome their new guests. Some Missouri families may not have the resources for so many adjustments, though, even with an abundance of desire to care for elderly parents well.

Factors that can affect Breathalyzer accuracy

If you are currently facing a drunk driving charge in Missouri, you may have concerns about the penalties you potentially face and how a possible conviction will impact your life. Chances are, you received your charge after blowing into a device called a Breathalyzer, and while, if calibrated and used correctly, Breathalyzers are often accurate, there are a number of factors that can throw off test results. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we are well-versed in the factors that can affect Breathalyzer reliability, and we have helped many Missourians facing drunk driving charges defend themselves.

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