When can you sue over a scar?

When you think of personal injury law in Missouri, the first cases that come to mind probably involve slips and falls, auto accident injuries and other common incidents. However, permanent scarring you suffered might also constitute grounds for a lawsuit. 

In most situations you might be involved in, scarring is simply one part of a larger injury claim. For example, it would not make much sense for you to sue only for a scar if the defendant was also alleged to have caused a related injury. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. If the scar was the result of a medical procedure, you might go about your case differently.

Your doctor might perform a surgery or procedure to solve a medical problem, even if a common side effect of that procedure was scarring. As you might expect, this is not often grounds for you to pursue legal action. If the doctor communicated the risks effectively, then the court could decide that the ethical duty was fulfilled properly. However, you might be able to bring legal action over scars you gain as a result of botched procedures and inadequate communication. 

As you know, some surgeries leave only minor scars and doctors are often careful to share ianformation about this risk. A FindLaw article on scarring personal injury cases mentions another situation in which you might be able to obtain compensation for disfigurement: malicious scarring. If a medical practitioner were to excessively scar you intentionally, then you might have grounds for a case.

The FindLaw resource also covers some other examples of scarring injury cases for you to review. This article is meant to educate you: None of this information is meant as legal advice.


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