Mediation offers a better way to resolve custody disputes

As Missouri parents know, child custody is one of the most commonly disputed aspects of a divorce or separation. This is a sensitive and complex issue, and many parents find that the complications of dealing with custody do not necessarily end simply because the divorce process is final.

You understand the importance of reaching lasting and workable results for the whole family. In fact, you may hope for a better way to approach the child custody issue altogether. One way for you to do this is through the mediation process. Mediation is a non-adversarial way to resolve conflicts and legal disputes, and this process may offer you a more peaceful way to reach a final custody and visitation order.

Which parents can choose mediation?

Mediation is not the right choice in every situation. Every family is different, but even two parents who do not get along may find it possible to work together through mediation. You and the other parent do not have to get along to make mediation work, but you both have to commit to the process. This will involve respectful discussions and negotiations in order to reach a final resolution that benefits the best interests of the children.

Why should you consider this choice?

Mediation is an organized way to resolve legal disputes, including those related to divorce and child custody. Some of the benefits to this process include:

  • It is more peaceful and less stressful than a traditional litigated divorce.
  • The mediation process employs the services of a neutral third-party, a person who will help you have productive conversations.
  • Mediation often leads to results that work better for everyone, even long after the divorce process is final.
  • It generally costs less to opt for mediation over litigation, and it can take less time.

If you believe that mediation could work for you, it can be helpful to learn more about this process and its benefits before you make any important decisions.

Discover your options

Divorce is a process that will affect your life for years to come. The decisions you make are significant, and you will find it prudent to take care to understand all of the options available to you.

Mediation could be the right choice for your family and your unique situation. An evaluation of your case can help you learn more about your options and how you can make a decision that is beneficial.


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