How common are amusement park accidents?

Missouri has its fair share of amusement parks, and while these attractions can prove to be a great way to spend the day, such visits can also turn sour quickly if someone suffers an injury because of a park owner or worker’s negligence. Regrettably, amusement parks are not quite as safe as you might think, and thousands of park attendees suffer injury every year.

According to NBC News, about 22 people have died because of amusement park thrill rides in America since 2010, and while this number is undeniably concerning, the statistics surrounding amusement park injuries are even more sobering. In 2016 alone, there were more than 30,000 emergency room visits related to injuries caused by amusement park rides, with some resulting from faulty or defective equipment, such as bad brakes.

Other amusement park injuries arise because of issues with installation. Many amusements and rides are erected and taken down regularly, and when there are many moving parts involved, this paves the way for potential assembly errors. Some safety advocates believe that part of the safety problem also lies in the fact that different states have different governing bodies overseeing amusement park operations, and that safety may improve if there was more nationwide consistency in regulation.

Others attribute part of the problem to the fact that there are many hands involved in operating park amusements. When inspectors, ride operators, park owners and others all have a role in operations, it can lead to confusion, accountability issues and oversight.

While this information about amusement park accidents is informative, it is not a replacement for legal guidance.


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