Bars should not be violent: part 2

Previously, we discussed two Missouri bar fights, both with dire consequences for those involved. At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC., we believe that a quick drink or an evening of relaxation should never degenerate into shooting, stabbing or other forms of violence. 

Unfortunately, our clients often encounter bar owners and event organizers with a different attitude towards tranquility. One of the more common forms of evidence we see of this violent disposition is when bar owners hire extremely aggressive bouncers. If you have been out drinking in the state recently, especially on busy weekend nights, then you have probably seen one of these burly individuals guarding the gates of every pub and club. 

Bouncers meant to keep the peace, for whatever reason, may end up causing more trouble by reacting violently to your attempts to enter the premises or interact with other patrons. We often find that claims of reasonable force on behalf of bar staff are unfounded: Most of these security professionals are well aware of— and in control of— their own strength. Their physical skills are typically honed through gym training, police work or even military service.

Another common issue we see related to barroom violence is misplaced blame. If you have ever been involved in a fight involving alcohol, then you know that it is rare for one individual to bear all of the responsibility. Often, when we are defending clients accused of acts associated with bar fights, we reveal during our investigations that none of the participants or onlookers fully recall what occurred during the event. If you would like to read more, please visit our legal site.


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