Your choice of attorney matters: section 1

In Missouri, even seemingly small infractions have the potential to land you in jail for a significant amount of time. We believe that defendants might be better equipped to avoid unnecessarily harsh sentences by choosing the right attorneys to defend their case. Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC might not be the right law firm for every case, and we are happy to admit that— especially if the admission results in a potential client receiving more apt representation elsewhere.

We often handle clients accused of federal crimes, a situation which typically requires successful navigation of the highest levels of the judicial system. However, we might not be so confident in representing clients involved in other esoteric legal clashes: international maritime disputes, for example. We prefer to remain focused on cases that fall under our most common areas of practice, which include DUI defense, all criminal defense, injury claims and family law. This preference comes from a desire to protect our clients and their futures.

Your choice of attorney, of course, matters in any legal situation. Any corporate mergers you might undertake would require experienced contract attorneys, personal injury cases would require civil lawyers and so forth. However, we believe that the consequences of mishandled criminal cases are often extraordinarily serious. This is why we take pride in our focused and aggressive defense strategy: It preserves the futures of our clients. In any case, please take the time to research the type of attorney you need, especially if you were accused of serious crimes:

  • Felony DUI
  • Fraud
  • Multiple-count crimes
  • Conspiracy to commit a felony

Please continue to the second section of this entry to learn more about conspiracy charges in Missouri. It is a category of crimes that we often see accused individuals underestimate in terms of severity. 


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