These 3 factors put all drivers at risk

Drivers of all ages face several risk factors when they’re behind the wheel. For teens, there’s inexperience and distractions. For adults, there are distractions and risky behaviors. Regardless of age, many risk factors overlap and make it more dangerous for people to be on the roads.

While teens are some of the most at-risk drivers, everyone can learn from these risk factors. Here are five common risks that you should do your best to avoid on the roads.

1. Bringing along passengers

While bringing passengers isn’t as much a risk for adults, it does create a higher risk of getting distracted. From in-car arguments to people talking, it’s easy to end up not paying attention to the roads.

2. Participating in risky behaviors

Risky behaviors, or behaviors like drinking and driving or driving on medications, can put you at a higher risk of getting into a collision. Remember to always have a designated driver if you plan to go out on the town to drink. If you have to take medications, wait to see how they’ll affect you before you get behind the wheel.

3. Driving at night

Night driving isn’t for everyone. Some people find it extremely difficult to see, while others feel tired when it’s dark out for so long. If you plan to drive at night, make sure you check that your lights are working and get enough sleep before doing so.

These three risk factors impact drivers almost every day. Drivers need to be aware that anything can take their minds off the roads. If you notice drivers who look distracted or who are weaving in traffic, report them and keep a distance. You could help prevent an injury to yourself, that driver or someone else.


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