Create the home you desire as a single parent

Being thrust into the role of a single parent after having counted on the other parent is difficult. You will have to sit down and make a plan for what you are going to do. Things aren’t going to work the same in a one-parent home as a two-parent house.

Often, you will have to compromise with the other parent when you live in the same home. This means that you can’t have everything your way. One of the biggest benefits of having a single parent house is that you can set everything up how you want it. Making the changes now can help you to create a stable home that you and your children can live with for the long term.

Decide on the rules

Determine what rules you need at your home. It might be tempting to let the children slide with their behavior as you take the time to adjust to the new way of life. This sounds good in theory but, in reality, it will set up behavior problems for the children. All children thrive on consistency so you need to work to provide this for them while they are in your home.

Embrace your parenting time

It might be difficult to be the only adult in the home, but you should try to find ways that you can enjoy the time that you do have with your children. Find things that you can do with your children so that you aren’t just staring at the walls while they are with you. One thing to remember as you make plans is that you don’t have to always go out when the kids are with you. Instead, you can set up a movie night at home in your pajamas with hot chocolate and popcorn or do something similar. This time should be focused on the children.

Focus on yourself

Many single parents will have times when their children aren’t with them. This is the time when you can focus on yourself. Find activities that you enjoy and do them when the kids are with your ex. Spend time relaxing at home or clean up the house. You have to find balance so that you aren’t wearing yourself out when you do have time to yourself, but you shouldn’t let the entire time slip away from you.

Even though you are living life as a single parent now, you will have to communicate with your ex on matters that pertain to the children. Prepare yourself for this so that you can keep your cool during the communication exchange.


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