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October 2017 Archives

Elements of assault charges

Assault charges can turn very complicated very quickly, depending on many factors that an individual in a heated moment may not consider. If you or someone you love faces some form of assault charges, you should consult with an experienced defense attorney as soon as you can. Understand, the prosecution responsible for pursuing your charges is already building a case against you, so the sooner you begin building your defense, the better.

What is a 'three strikes' law?

Felonies are much more serious charges than misdemeanors, and carry much heavier consequences for those convicted of them. However, here in Missouri, individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the law repeatedly may face felony charges for alleged actions that typically only incur a misdemeanor charge. Missouri is one of a number of states that use some version of a "three-strikes" law that increases some misdemeanor charges to felonies if the defendant has received repeat convictions for the same crime.

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