Is robbery a felony charge in Missouri?

Here in Missouri, robbery is a very serious charge. In part because it is an inherently violent (or potentially violent) act, all robbery convictions are classified as felonies in Missouri. This means that in addition to the sentencing penalties for the charges, those convicted of robbery become felons, changing their lives indefinitely.

If you recently received robbery charges, it is very important to build the strongest defense that you can. Years of your life and many of your future freedoms depend on the strength of the defense you build.

While there are several different types of robbery — first and second degree robbery, pharmacy robbery, etc. — they all carry felony classifications and may result in you spending years or even decades in jail. In fact, some robbery charges come with mandatory minimum sentences in Missouri. This means that if you do not fight to have the charges dismissed or altered, a judge may have no choice but to sentence you to at least 10 years of prison time.

Robbery is absolutely a serious crime. Regardless of the validity of the allegations against you, you should not simply forfeit your rights. You deserve to have your rights protected just like anyone else. In addition, you must remember that every time you fight for your own rights, you are also fighting for the rights of individuals who do not have the ability to fight for themselves.

It is always wise to consult with an experienced attorney to determine a strong strategy for defending yourself against criminal charges. Even if you believe that the charges are valid or the evidence against you is particularly compelling, you may have more options than you think you do.

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