Driving without insurance complicates drunk driving charges

If you drive without insurance, you face the possibility of serious consequences, especially if alcohol is involved. If you recently received charges of driving without insurance in conjunction with a drunk driving charge, then you must proceed very carefully. It is very wise to consult with an experienced attorney to closely examine the details of your arrest and prioritize which of your rights you want to protect.

Either charge carries its own set of complications and entails a specific legal strategy when building a defense. When multiple charges overlap, the experience of an attorney becomes exceptionally valuable. Without a calculated, careful defense, you may face some very serious consequences.

The charges of no insurance can result in you losing your license, or may simply result in points against it. In some cases, a court may order supervision to ensure that you carry insurance in the future. If you receive charges of driving without insurance again inside of three years, you may see your license suspended.

If driving without insurance is the only charge that may necessitate one strategy, but when it is in conjunction with drunk driving charges as well, the matter becomes much more complicated. In many cases, it may come down to choosing the lesser of several unsavory choices.

No matter how you choose to proceed, you should use every tool at your disposal to fight these charges. Failure to properly defend yourself could result in heavy fines and lost privileges. With guidance from an experienced attorney, you can rest assured that your defense is in good hands, while you focus on getting back to your life and moving past this frustrating incident.


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