What if I’m accused of domestic violence?

Domestic violence charges can arise a number of ways, and many times, they are either patently false or the result of a misunderstanding by law enforcement or nosy community members. Unfortunately, domestic violence charges are often destructive to your reputation even if they are proven untrue. If you face domestic violence charges of any kind, it is important to seek out experienced legal guidance as soon as possible.

Often, domestic violence charges arise when your partner or spouse is angry and simply wants to cause trouble for you, even though you have not actually committed the crime. If this is the case, you and your attorney must build a case for your innocence and seek to deflate the validity of the claims against you.

Similarly, it is possible that the charges against you not rise to the definition of “domestic violence.” Even if you did have an aggressive interaction, it may not actually constitute domestic violence. Sometimes a person alleges domestic violence and does not actually understand the legal definitions that define it in Missouri, or is exaggerating. If your actions do not qualify as domestic violence, your charges may be dismissed.

In some other instances, you may have a legitimate self defense claim, if you acted to protect yourself from your partner’s attack and they were harmed.

Of course, sometimes, charges arise because someone simply does understand the nature of your relationship with your partner. If you and your partner have a consensually aggressive relationship, what might be abuse without consent is not abuse at all — it is merely a unique personal relationship.

Determining the best way to fight for your reputation and freedom is not something to take lightly. Do not hesitate to seek out professional help from an experienced attorney to build a strong defense to keep your rights and future secure.

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