Missouri sheriff arrested on felony charges

A Missouri law enforcement official was recently arrested on felony charges — but that didn’t keep him from continuing to serve in his capacity as sheriff. Despite facing charges of nearly twenty separate criminal offenses, the Mississippi County sheriff returned to his regular responsibilities as sheriff later that same evening.

According to the joint investigation involving the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Sheriff allegedly used his position to conduct several types of illegal surveillance, commit forgery, tamper with computer data and even a single point of notary misconduct.

Despite only having taken office on January 1, the sheriff is also already facing some other serious charges regarding treatment of suspects, stemming from his alleged treatment of a woman he apprehended while she was supposedly in a dispute with one of his family members. The charges allege that the sheriff filed false charges against the woman, who later suffered a heart attack while being detained, resulting in several days in a hospital before her discharge.

Following the incident with the elderly woman, the sheriff is facing a litany of charges, including assault and a felony robbery charge. It remains to be seen whether the charges will stick.

Despite the strange circumstances surrounding his arrest and subsequent release, the sheriff remains in his position for the time being.

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Source: Southeast Missourian, “Mississippi Co. sheriff arrested on 18 criminal offenses; still handling duties,” Tyler Graef, April 06, 2017


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