New proposed law targets sex offenders

Facing sex offense charges is a complex and dangerous situation that should never be taken lightly. There are many kinds of convictions that can limit your behavior and rights after the fact, but sex offenses are some of the most egregious. Usually, this is because the public generally has an exceptionally poor view of sex offenders and is not troubled by impinging on the rights of those who have been convicted of a sexual offense.

This may seem reasonable for more extreme sexual offenses, but these restrictions often apply their heavy-handed approach to those who received convictions for lesser offenses that are still considered sexual offenses. The classic example is, of course, the teenagers who are dating in high school and one of them turns 18, while the other is still a minor. It is clear that such a relationship does not warrant ruining the elder teen’s life indefinitely, but some particularly parties have no problem doing so.

Right here in Missouri, a lawmaker recently proposed new restrictions on sexual offenders, barring them from visiting children’s museums or zoo’s. Generally, these measures are put forth to pluck low-hanging fruit of public approval for the public servants who propose them – after all, everybody is against sex offenders, right?

The bottom line is that you should absolutely fight sexual offense charges as fiercely as you can — otherwise, you may face a lifetime of struggling to simply survive as the restrictions on where you can go and how you can live are restricted further and further. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can build a strong defense and protect your rights.

Source: Missouri Net, “Missouri lawmaker wants to keep sex offenders away from children’s museums and zoos,” Brian Hauswirth, Feb. 03, 2017


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