Kansas City fugitive receives hefty sentence

When Dorothy famously observed that she and Toto weren’t in Kansas anymore, at least she wasn’t looking at the prospect of returning home to face serious drug charges resulting in years of prison time. That’s just what happened to a Kansas man who has just received a hefty punishment after fleeing from authorities following an arrest.

The 36-year-old had been apprehended last year in connection with a drug trafficking operation in Kansas City. Among the charges leveled at him were conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana, as well as money laundering, to which he had plead guilty, admitting involvement in the local operation. According to court documents, the man had been in possession of up to 100 kilograms of cocaine, among other things. While he was waiting to receive a sentence, the man fled custody and remained at large for six years.

After being returned to custody, the man was sentenced to 27 years of prison time, and was also forced to give up some $13 million in funds that were obtained in relation to the distribution of illicit substances.

While these kinds of stories illustrate the highs and lows of operating outside the law, even seemingly small violations can carry large consequences when it comes to drug crimes. Drug crimes carry some of the stiffest proportional penalty of any non-violent crime, and a harsh sentencing can derail an entire life. If you have been charged with a drug crime, no matter what you may be accused of, you deserve a to have your case heard fairly and to have your rights protected.

Source: KWCH, “Fugitive sentenced to 27 years for drug crimes in Kansas,” Nov. 20, 2016


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