2 medical marijuana bills headed to the legislature

As the tide of cultural opinion continues to turn, Missouri may become one of the next few states to legalize the use marijuana for general medical purposes. Two separate bills have been authored and submitted for consideration when the state legislature reconvenes for 2017, both seeking to expand the right of patients and create the basis for marijuana-based businesses to operate legally within the state.

Missouri residents may remember that only a few months ago, citizen activists came within 2,000 signatures of placing a less restrictive medical marijuana measure on the ballot for November elections. Legal gears are already turning to ensure that one is on the 2018 ballot if one bill or the other is not passed by then. As it stands, Missouri only allows the use of marijuana for very specific cases of patients with intractable epilepsy.

Regardless of the measures that are passed or how long they take to make it through the process, users will continue to face complex challenges on many fronts. Some employers may attempt to terminate employees who partake, even in cases when it is not on the job and is within the employees rights as an approved user. Furthermore, even when use is approved, crimes that are committed while under the influence of marijuana still face stiff penalties that are often unfairly harsh.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is vital to acquire experienced representation. An experienced lawyer can help you mount a personally-crafted defense and ensure that your case is heard fairly. After all, no one should have to be unfairly punished for something that may soon be legal or spend years suffering consequences for making a momentary foolish choice.

Source: Ibtimes.com, “Marijuana In Missouri: Lawmakers Push For Legal And Less Restrictive Medical Drug Program,” Janice Williams, Dec. 25, 2016


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