What is sexting and is it a crime?

Texting is a very common way to communicate with friends and family members. It is possible to send videos and pictures via text messages. You might be tempted to send sexually explicit pictures via text message, but doing so might end up being a criminal act. If you are considering sexting, you should make sure that you aren’t running afoul of the law.

Are there any specific laws regarding sexting?

Because sexting is a fairly new activity, there aren’t many, if any, laws on the books regarding sexting. Instead, other laws are used to determine if sexting is a criminal act. If you are sexting a minor, for example, child pornography laws might come into the picture. This is because sending or receiving nude photos of a minor would likely fall under the reach of child porn laws.

How do I know if I’m sexting legally or illegally?

The key point to determining if you are sexting legally or illegally is to know for certain the age of the person you are sexting. You should make sure that you only sext people who are considered adults in the eyes of the law. You should also make sure that all photos you send and receive are of adults.

Being charged with sexting can open up your case to a host of laws that you might not realize you violated. If you are facing these charges, make sure that you learn about the laws that are being used in your case. This can give you a good starting point for deciding your plea and how you will handle each step in your case.

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