Early childhood teacher faces rape charges

An early education teacher who worked with special needs students is being accused of statutory rape. The man, who also coached football and track, is said to have had sexual contact with a 16-year-old female. The investigation began on June 24. It is still considered open and more charges might be placed against the man.

An arrest warrant was issued in this case had a $50,000 bond condition attached to it. An order to avoid contact with children who aren’t 17 years old or older was also included.

The school district at which he worked has also taken action. He has been barred from being on the premises of the school. Additionally, he has been placed on a leave of absence that could remain in place pending the outcome of this case. He has been employed by the district for four years.

The man is facing two counts of statutory rape in the second degree. Each count can mean up to seven years in prison for the man if he is convicted. If he is convicted, he also faces the possible loss of his teaching license.

People who face sex-related crimes such as this often find that they are dealing with the effects of the crime even before they are convicted. Losing your job and facing the possible restrictions the court might place on you can be difficult. If you aren’t found guilty, those effects will likely lessen. Building a strong defense is one way that you can try to avoid having to live with life-long effects of a conviction.

Source: Springfield News Leader, “Hollister coach, early childhood teacher charged with statutory rape,” Claudette Riley, June 29, 2016


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