Boating while drinking is something that can lead to charges

Did you know that you can face criminal charges for operating a watercraft while you are under the influence of alcohol? Missouri has laws on the books that make it a criminal act to operate a boat or any other watercraft if you have been consuming alcohol. You might be shocked to learn how much your life can be affected by boating while drinking.

Consuming alcohol on the water is something that the United States Coast Guard notes is more dangerous than consuming alcohol on the land. If you are suspected of boating under the influence, you can be pulled over in the same way that a motor vehicle is pulled over when a driver is believed to be drunk.

There are several reasons why boating under the influence is such a big issue. The effects of alcohol can be made worse by the effects of the sun, the motion of the boat, the heat and other factors. In some cases, boater’s fatigue exacerbates the effects of the alcohol. Another reason is because of the severity of crashes on the waterways and the time it takes to get to adequate medical care.

For those who are facing charges for boating under the influence of alcohol, serious criminal and social penalties await. You are facing incarceration, fines and the loss of your driver’s license. You are also facing a criminal record if you are convicted. That criminal record can lead to several effects, including trouble finding a job or a rental home. Your best option for dealing with these types of charges is to begin building your defense right away.

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