Calling crucial elements into question can help your defense

When you are facing violent crime charges, your defense has to include some important points. Generally, the defense you use must include information and evidence that will call into question at least one of the necessary elements of the crime. Each criminal charge has specific elements that must be present in a case in order for the charge to apply. If you can call just one element into question, your defense might be successful. We know that you might not be familiar with each point that has to be met for each violent crime charge. We can work with you to help you understand these elements and find ways that you can show that at least one wasn’t applicable to your criminal case.

When it comes to violent crime charges, many of them have to do with a personal disagreement that simply went too far. In some cases, a misunderstanding might have been the cause of the incident. If this is the case, we will need to find a way to present that information that is effective. This can take time and serious consideration, so we must ensure that we have ample time to consider each option.

If the case against you is because of a fight at a bar or another public place, we will need to consider the circumstances surrounding the fight. Were you attacked? Did you throw the first hit? What was going on around you when the fight started? The answer to each question can help us to determine how we should proceed. The last thing that you need is a cookie-cutter defense that doesn’t truly show your side of the story.


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