Representing sex crimes defendants in Missouri

The most important things that a criminal defense attorney can provide to a Kansas City resident accused of sex crimes are: 1) an in-depth knowledge of the law; 2) a familiarity with the court in which the crimes are being tried; and 3) a familiarity with the judges and prosecuting attorneys involved in the matter. However, there is another thing that is vital to the success of every sex crimes defense case, and this is something that we feel is very important at Kelly, Symonds, & Reed, LLC. Nevertheless, not all defense attorneys in Missouri are able to provide it.

This missing element is, in so many words, the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship. When an individual accused of a sex crime comes to a criminal defense attorney for support, that person is likely to be extremely embarrassed and sensitive about the charges that he or she has been accused of. As such, this person needs to be supported by his or her legal counsel in a way that is completely free of judgment. At Kelly, Symonds, & Reed, LLC, our mission is to always provide a “judgment free zone” to our clients, so they feel safe to discuss the cases with us in caring and completely professional context.

There is a reason why people accused of crimes are seen as innocent until — and only if — they are convicted of their crimes via the rule of law beyond a reasonable doubt in an appropriate court of law. This reason is because numerous individuals are wrongly accused of crimes that they never committed. Indeed, legal history books are fraught with cases in which innocent men and women were wrongly convicted and punished for crimes they never carried out.

At Kelly, Symonds, & Reed, LLC, all of our clients receive much more than the benefit of the doubt. Our clients receive our complete trust and confidence. Furthermore, in all cases, we hope that our clients will give us the same, and we make every effort to support this kind of attorney-client relationship with them. We have found that this high level of trust, in the end, is extremely helpful during the defense of our clients in court. We believe that this is the missing element that is not included in a lot of attorney-client relationships in Missouri.


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