Effects of a DUI are far reaching

Drunk driving charges can change the course of your life, especially if your job requires you to be able to drive. When you are convicted of a drunk driving charge, you will find that you face a lot more than just fines and court-imposed penalties. We know that thinking about the effects of a conviction is a harrowing thought. We can help you learn your options for fighting back against the drunk driving charges.

If your job relies on your ability to drive, you might find that even if you are allowed to keep your license, you aren’t allowed to drive for the company. This is because many insurance companies that provide coverage for businesses demand clean driving records. A DUI conviction is usually an automatic disqualification for coverage.

Even if you aren’t required to drive for your job, you might find that you have difficulty getting insurance because of a DUI conviction. Oftentimes, personal car insurance policies are very costly if you have a DUI conviction. In some cases, the cost of the required insurance might be so high that you can’t afford to obtain it.

The many far-reaching effects of a DUI are some of the reasons why you need to fight against a DUI charge. You do have options that you can use for a defense, but it is crucial that you consider all options before you settle on one. We can help you learn your options and try to determine how each option might affect you so that you can make a choice based on those factors.


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