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We try cases and we win them

February 2016 Archives

Effects of a DUI are far reaching

Drunk driving charges can change the course of your life, especially if your job requires you to be able to drive. When you are convicted of a drunk driving charge, you will find that you face a lot more than just fines and court-imposed penalties. We know that thinking about the effects of a conviction is a harrowing thought. We can help you learn your options for fighting back against the drunk driving charges.

3 key points that can be included in plea agreements

When you are guilty of a crime but don't want to place your fate in a jury's hands, you might try to get a plea agreement. In this case, you and the prosecution would come to an agreement about how you will plead in the case and how the prosecution will respond to the plea. There are three key points that can be included in plea agreements.

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