Your account of events matters for your defense

Violent crimes are some of the most difficult crimes for people to have to present a defense to. This is because many of these crimes have very personal details that can often be difficult to deal with. It is critical that you have a defense team that understands everything that pertains to your case, even if the details are intimate because comprehensive knowledge of the events can help the defense team to discover options regarding your case.

We know that most people who are charged with violent crimes never meant for things to turn violent. Human nature might kick in and some people will act in a manner that isn’t how they would usually behave. That is where a strong defense comes in. We help you to show your side of the story.

Generally, there are two ways that we can handle a defense, depending on what happened at the time of the incident. The first of these is that we can try to prove that you didn’t do what you were accused of. The second is that we can try to show that there was a reason why you behaved in the way you did at that time.

The course that your defense takes depends largely on what account you give of the event, the evidence that you have for your defense and the evidence that the prosecution has against you. We can put all of that information together to help you learn about your defense options. Your defense is important for your freedom and your rights. Make sure you know the facts before making any decisions.


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