Don’t let a DUI charge ruin your winter holiday season

The busy holiday season is coming up. Halloween is right around the corner and the other winter holidays will follow shortly. Parties during this time often involve alcohol. If you are consuming alcohol, the best way that you can ensure you aren’t arrested for drunk driving is to have a designated driver. If you are unable to find a designated driver and find that you have to drive yourself home, you might end up being arrested.

We know that the circumstances you find yourself in might necessitate your having to get behind the wheel after the party. We can help you to explore your defense options to determine how you want to move forward with your DUI defense.

There are several possible defense options that might be suitable for your case. We know that not all defense strategies are appropriate for all cases. As we look into the case, we might be able to determine an obvious answer for your defense. In some cases, we might need to use more than one defense angle in your case.

We can look into the reason for the stop and the procedures that were used up to the arrest to determine if we can call the traffic stop reason or any of the procedures into question. This might include a defense based on claiming that the breath test wasn’t administered properly.

The bottom line is that we don’t want a drunk driving charge to ruin your holiday season. If you are facing drunk driving charges, you need to get started with building your defense right away.


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