Halloween comes with specific laws for registered sex offenders

Halloween is just around the corner. While this is a popular holiday for many children and adults, it can mean trouble for sex offenders. Missouri is one of the states that has specific laws that forbid registered sex offenders from taking part in any Halloween festivities that involve children. Failing to abide by the laws regarding Halloween and sex offenders can lead to a sex offender facing new criminal charges.

As we previously discussed, sex offenders can’t participate in any Halloween activities involving children. That includes passing out candy. All registered sex offenders are required to keep their lights off during the trick or treating hours for their community. Additionally, a sign must be placed at the residence that says, “No candy or treats at this residence.”

On Halloween night, registered sex offenders are forbidden from leaving their residence from 5:00 p.m.through 10:30 that night. It might be possible for a sex offender to leave if there is just cause.

It is important to note that the Missouri Supreme Court found that this law is unconstitutional when it is applied retroactively. This means that sex offenders who were registered prior to Aug. 28, 2008 when the “No candy” law went into effect might not have to follow this law.

The Halloween-specific laws regarding sex offenders have been the subject of a lot of debate. Some people note that these laws are unjust because sex offenders have already been punished for their crimes.

Anyone who is a registered sex offender should determine if this law applies to them. If you are charged with a crime related to your activities on Halloween, you should seek legal guidance right away.

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