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September 2015 Archives

Halloween comes with specific laws for registered sex offenders

Halloween is just around the corner. While this is a popular holiday for many children and adults, it can mean trouble for sex offenders. Missouri is one of the states that has specific laws that forbid registered sex offenders from taking part in any Halloween festivities that involve children. Failing to abide by the laws regarding Halloween and sex offenders can lead to a sex offender facing new criminal charges.

Fight the allegations against you in a criminal case

In our previous two blog posts, we have focused on drug crimes. While drug crimes are very serious crimes, there are also some very other serious charges that a person might face. Some of these, such as violent crimes like rape, and white collar crimes like embezzlement, are also very serious. In fact, any criminal charge can be serious because any criminal charge on a background check can have a big impact on your life.

Marijuana-related convictions carry harsh penalties in Missouri

News about the decriminalization of marijuana seems to be occurring at a rapid pace. While some states have opted to decriminalize the drug or even legalize it, the federal government hasn't changed federal laws pertaining to the drug. Missouri laws still takes a harsh stance against marijuana, so building a defense if you are charged with a crime relating to marijuana is vital.

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