Take swift action when you are charged with drunk driving

Last week, we discussed the story of the 15 people who are facing charges after getting caught at a sobriety checkpoint. It is no secret that drunk driving charges carry some serious penalties if you are convicted. How you are caught drunk driving has very little bearing on how your case is handled from the prosecution’s side. We know that how you were caught can sometimes have a significant impact on your defense.

When we investigate a drunk driving case, we look into what happened just prior to the arrest. We consider the reason why you were stopped, how the police initiated the stop, how the police moved through the procedures during the stop and how the Breathalyzer was handled. We understand that it is important to scrutinize every second of the incident to determine if there were any errors made.

We know that the effects of a conviction are a lot for most people to consider. If you are convicted of drunk driving in Missouri, your driving privileges are immediately suspended. That can present problems for you to get to and from work. It might mean you can’t care for the members of your household.

We know that dealing with the driver’s license suspension can be just as stressful as dealing with the criminal charges. Still, you have to act quickly if you plan to challenge the suspension because of the short time limits. You have 15 days to challenge a suspension from the date of the DWI arrest and 30 days to challenge a suspension if you refuse a breath test.

Don’t sit back and wait on your case to move through the system. Let us help you determine a proactive plan that represents your side of the case.


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