Wedding party assault added to Kansas City man’s murder charge

Being arrested isn’t the same as being found guilty of committing a crime. However, arrests are kept on record no matter how a criminal case turns out.

A Kansas City man was arrested, charged with murder for a 2012 shooting in a Jackson County home and was later released when authorities failed to collect sufficient evidence to prosecute him. The 31-year-old man was later charged with the alleged shooting murder of an Independence man, who burned body was found in a Cass County field in November.

The record of the earlier murder charge was prominent in news reports about another alleged crime.

Last August, before the second shooting, the defendant along with several other men reportedly attacked three people at a Kansas City wedding reception. A severely injured male guest told police he was struck by brass knuckles, hit by a beer mug and beaten into unconsciousness. The injured guest was required to undergo facial reconstruction.

The mother of the bride suffered a semi-paralyzing injury when she attempted to stop the fight and keep the attackers from driving away. The 59-year-old woman said she was hit by the defendant and two other men as she reached inside the vehicle. The woman fell and was run over by the car – allegedly driven by the defendant — as the men sped away.

The woman’s daughter also was injured when one of the men, reportedly the defendant, struck her with the brass knuckles. The accused murderer was the last of four men charged with assault for the violent attacks. The Kansas City Star reported the defendant is jailed on cash bonds totaling $500,000 for the murder and assault charges.

You don’t have to be charged or convicted of a crime to have an arrest record. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help you make sure that record doesn’t have a negative effect on your life.

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