Weapons charges: What you need to know

Many people do not realize the devastating effect being charged with a weapons crime can have on their futures, but at Kelly, Symonds & Reed, we know what’s at stake and put all of our resources toward helping you fight the charges you are facing. We are familiar with the laws governing weapons offenses, as well as the possible penalties in the case of a conviction, and work hard to help you understand all of your options.

While more people may be familiar with the charges of use of a weapon while committing a crime or brandishing or discharging a firearm, there are actually many different types of weapons charges to be aware of. These charges can involve not only guns but also other items classified as weapons, such as brass knuckles and knives.

Weapons charges can also include crimes that are not knowingly committed. Sometimes, people don’t fully understand that they are not allowed to possess any weapons after being convicted of a felony or that they have to follow the state and federal laws when selling a gun. In these cases, we can work with you to determine the specific details of your case and help you present a strong criminal defense.

Some defense options include trying to get the charges dismissed if there was a problem with the police procedures during the investigation, arrest or questioning. Other options include going all the way to trial or taking a plea agreement from the prosecutor. Each strategy has its pros and cons and all may not be viable for every situation.


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