A breakdown of arrests for drug charges

A quick look at the amount of people who are in jail in Missouri shows that many have been incarcerated for drug crimes, but the FBI also keeps track of arrest statistics. It can be interesting to look at the overall total and then to note the percentage of arrests made in relation to drugs.

First of all, the data from 2012 shows that 12,196,959 people were arrested across the United States. Some of the highlights included drug abuse cases, which resulted in approximately 1,552,432 arrests, and for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which resulted in approximately 1,282,957 arrests.

The FBI then breaks down the drug arrests further to look at the exact type of arrests that were made. For example, 17.8 percent of the arrests were made for the manufacturing and selling for drugs. In Midwest states like Missouri, these arrests accounted for 18.8 percent, slightly over the national average.

As far as the type of drug being addressed, the Midwest saw 8.8 percent of the arrests for sales and manufacturing relate to marijuana. That was the highest percentage out of all of the regions.

The Midwest also had the highest numbers when it came to possession of marijuana, with 51.9 percent. The national average was only 42.4 percent, with the West trailing significantly behind the other regions at just 22.1 percent.

As these numbers show, people in Missouri tend to be arrested at a high rate for drug crimes that connect to marijuana specifically. If you are ever arrested on such charges, be sure that you know your rights.

Source: FBI, “Persons Arrested” accessed Mar. 05, 2015


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