Fully understanding a drug case in Missouri

If you are facing drug charges in Missouri, it is very important to understand every aspect of the case. While some of this may seem rather straightforward, no detail is too small to ignore.

First, you need to know exactly what the charges against you look like. All cases are not the same — not by any means — and the charges can change depending on what type of drug you had, how much of it you had and what you intended to do with it.

Next, you should know what the government has to prove to win the case. Remember, you are considered innocent at all times, unless they can prove otherwise. It is critical to know that the burden of proof does not lie with you, but with those who have brought the charges against you.

After that, you should know if you have an option to take a plea bargain. This often means that you will plead guilty, but you get a lesser sentence because of your cooperation. This is not the best option in all cases, but it can be a very good one in certain situations. It is absolutely something that you should at least know exists as an option for you in the courtroom, allowing you to consider it along with everything else.

For any charges, no matter how you think the case will go, you should look into all three of these areas. To learn more about your rights, your options and the case, we do encourage you to take a minute to look over our site.


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