Not guilty plea from man charged with five murders in Kansas City

During his arraignment on Monday, Nov. 24, a Kansas City man entered a plea of not guilty to five counts of first-degree murder. Reports indicate the defendant remained silent throughout the proceeding with his defense attorney speaking on his behalf. Other charges include four counts of armed criminal action, burglary, vehicle theft and illegal possession of weapons. The defendant pleaded not guilty to these charges as well.

According to a story published in the Kansas City Star, these violent crimes occurred on Sept. 2, when the defendant allegedly shot five Kansas City residents. Court records claim the man first burglarized a home, shooting the two residents who died later of critical injuries. Near the scene, he allegedly shot and killed a neighbor woman in her driveway.

After conducting a home-to-home search of the area, police found the bodies of an elderly woman and her son in the front yard of their home. Reportedly, the defendant fled in a car stolen from the first couple. Later that same night, the police responded to a nearby motel where they discovered three people who had been assaulted and burglarized, allegedly by the defendant. Police officers discovered the missing automobile nearby and later arrested the defendant while he was on foot.

Obviously, the events leading up to these deaths are tragic, leaving several families dealing with massive losses. However, it’s critical never to forget that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty. The man accused of these crimes deserves his day in court just as anyone who is charged with a crime does, and an experienced attorney can make a real difference in the outcome of this case. If you are facing assault charges in Missouri, don’t waste another moment; seek legal guidance as soon as possible.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “Man accused in quintuple homicide appears in court” Glenn E. Rice, Nov. 24, 2014


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