Felony gun crimes carry serious consequences in Missouri

By and large, Americans enjoy the right to possess firearms and Kansas City residents are no exception. Guns allow us to protect our property and persons and for many, they provide a feeling of security in general. However, it is crucial to abide by the law when it comes to guns, as Missouri authorities typically take a strong stance against weapons crime.

The nation’s rash of shootings and other crimes involving guns over the past decade or so means prosecutors go after those facing gun charges aggressively. To make matters worse, Missouri authorities have a firm foundation on which to stand due to the typically negative view the federal government has about guns. This can make it especially challenging when it comes to defending oneself against weapons violations.

A conviction for felony weapons offenses carries life-changing consequences that could include time in jail. Some common gun violations include possessing an assault weapon, illegally possessing a firearm and illegally selling firearms. Anyone facing such charges needs immediate help from a professional.

What good can it really do to seek an attorney after being arrested for weapons offenses? Believe it or not, criminal defense attorneys have several options they can use on behalf of their defendants. For example, an attorney knows how to look for imperfections in the prosecution’s case and use those flaws for clients. A lawyer also knows how to delve into the facts behind the initial investigation and the subsequent arrest to make certain the defendant’s rights were not violated.

Bottom line, it’s nearly impossible to beat charges involving firearms without representation. If you need to find out how an attorney can help you avoid a felony conviction, we invite you to browse our web page on gun crimes in Missouri for more information.


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