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October 2014 Archives

What penalties can Missourians face for having child pornography?

Missouri takes the creation, promotion and possession of child pornography very seriously. The term "child porn" is used when the person depicted in the pornographic materials is younger than 18. Child pornography criminal penalties can be serious. However, when the child is or even appears to be 14 or younger, the potential penalties can be even greater.

The legal definition of first degree murder in Missouri

Not all incidents that lead to death in Kansas City are going to fall under the umbrella of first degree murder. There are varying degrees of murder that could be used, and there are also related charges, such as manslaughter, which show that a person may have been responsible for a death without the intent to kill. All people who are facing charges after a death deserve fair legal counsel, and one of the first things they should look into is what technically counts as first degree murder and what does not.

Drug court helps drug crimes defendants kick habit

Did you know that there is a special type of court for those Missouri residents who have been accused of non-violent drug violations? These criminal defendants -- many of whom are facing only minor drug charges -- do not necessarily need to be sent through the traditional court system. In fact, the Jackson County Drug Court can provide a variety of feasible alternatives to traditional penalties such as jail time.

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