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We try cases and we win them

September 2014 Archives

Why you need an experienced attorney to handle your DUI case

Did you know that your DUI conviction can have a major impact on your quality of life and your finances? Imagine every future employer finding out about your criminal violation. Sometimes, you may be unable to rent a home or even obtain a student loan, depending on the nature of the DWI offense. It is for this reason that DUI defense is far more critical than most people would expect; a conviction for drunk driving can follow you throughout the rest of your personal and professional life. Defendants need aggressive defense attorneys to protect their rights in criminal court.

Changes to state law could alter sex crimes defendants' rights

Missouri officials are promoting the use of a new amendment to the state constitution, which would allow prior criminal acts to be used as evidence in certain sex crimes proceedings. The legal changes, which are supported by groups such as Protect Missouri Children, could compromise defendants' rights by releasing additional information about their criminal pasts during sex crime trials. Missouri is currently one of the most restrictive states when it comes to defendants' rights, protecting nearly all alleged child predators from having to reveal their prior convictions or arrests.

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