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June 2014 Archives

Missouri man faces life sentence for sex crimes against child

A Missouri man is facing a mandatory life sentence after being convicted of the sexual abuse of a child. The man, age 50, will be sentenced under a relatively unknown provision in Missouri law, which is designed to characterize defendants as predatory sexual offenders. The defendant was convicted of sex crimes against an 8-year-old child after a recent criminal trial.

Driver accused of felony offenses after police chase, fatal crash

A Missouri man is facing murder charges after he allegedly killed his girlfriend in a car accident as he was evading police. Authorities report that the 31-year-old woman died in the wreck in Raytown, Missouri, as she was riding as a passenger in her partner's vehicle. The defendant will have to mount a felony defense against charges of murder, though an alternate charge is also being considered: involuntary manslaughter due to a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

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