Alleged DUI driver charged in injurious crash involving trooper

A Missouri driver has been arrested after striking a trooper during an alleged DUI accident. The defendant, age 43, has been charged with second-degree assault and intoxicated assault in connection with the collision, which occurred on May 25. Authorities say the DUI crash occurred when that driver veered off the road and ran into the trooper’s vehicle and another car during a traffic stop on southbound Interstate 55.

Authorities say the 32-year-old trooper has recently returned home after suffering injuries in the collision. The man suffered wounds that were not life-threatening, and he was sent home on May 26 with a few bumps and bruises. However, physicians appear to have cleared the man to return to work in the future, though it is not certain when he will do so.

The collision occurred when the defendant reportedly struck the officer as he was conducting the traffic stop. The defendant swerved of the road, striking the trooper’s vehicle and the vehicle that was being stopped. The trooper was struck by his own patrol car. The driver of the other vehicle was also transported to local health care facilities with minor injuries.

The defendant also suffered moderate injuries when his vehicle reentered the road and struck the center divider. News outlets have not included information about the man’s blood alcohol content level, but it may have been over the legal limit. In this case, the man would face multiple offenses for the apparent assault on the officer and the other victim. Since the man was transported to the hospital in the aftermath of the crash, his blood may have been drawn there. It is important for criminal defendants in Missouri to understand all of the ways in which a blood test such as this could or could not be used in court during this type of case.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Missouri trooper is back home after being hit by suspected drunken driver” Denise Hollinshed and Margaret Gillerman, May. 27, 2014


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