House-sitter facing felony charges after cooking meth in home

A 34-year-old Missouri woman is facing serious legal consequences after allegedly allowing her friends to cook drugs in a home that belongs to her neighbors. News reports indicate that the woman was pet-sitting and house-sitting for her neighbors, who had left on a vacation. Police officers say that the woman’s friends left behind an enormous environmental mess that could cost more than $37,000 to remedy. The woman is accused of a felony offense in connection with the methamphetamine production incident.

Official reports show that the woman, also accused of using methamphetamine herself, is accused of first-degree property damage in connection with the case. The alleged offense occurred in September 2013, when the woman was given the key to her neighbor’s house so she could watch their home and cat. The woman admitted that she purchased ingredients used in the production of methamphetamine, and she then allowed her friends to cook the drugs in the home. She said she agreed to allow her friends to use the home in exchange for a share of the meth.

Three other people were allegedly involved in the incident, but there is not enough evidence to bring charges against any of those alleged accomplices. The woman admits that she was aware that the home was damaged. Not only was the home left in a general state of disrepair, but flooring, cabinets, furnishings and fixtures are now imbued with meth, and they must be replaced.

News reports do not indicate that the woman has filed an official plea, though officials do say that the woman admitted to some components of the crime. Defendants who are facing felony drug charges and other types of felonies may benefit from consulting a Missouri attorney, who may be able to help them understand the implications of their statements made to police.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Ballwin house sitter let friends cook meth, leaving behind a $37k mess, police say” Kim Bell, Feb. 25, 2014


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