Man pleads guilty to single meth drug charge

A Missouri man who had been accused of trafficking methamphetamine over state lines has pleaded guilty to other allegations out of Adams County. Authorities report that the 24-year-old man pleaded guilty to unlawful possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine. Three other drug charges were dropped in the case, including two counts of drug trafficking. The man could face a seven-year prison term in connection with the matter, but he would also be eligible for probation.

The man was one of three people who were apprehended in connection with a task force investigation in the area. An informant reportedly set up a drug purchase from a Missouri group; this defendant was among the alleged suppliers. The confidential source reportedly purchased meth for $220 while an officer watched. The money from the transaction was later found in the defendant’s vehicle after he was stopped by authorities. Officers allege that the man was also carrying a firearm, along with prescription drugs and other contraband.

The man had initially maintained that he was innocent after the arrest. He does not have any other felony convictions. The man said he agreed to a plea bargain for the drug offenses because he did not want to face mandatory prison time for the methamphetamine trafficking charges. The judge confirmed that the man really wanted to plead guilty, largely because the defendant had been vehement about his innocence. Just one marked bill had been found in the center console of the man’s vehicle, and he had argued that he did not know a drug deal had occurred.

Criminal defendants facing drug charges may benefit from the assistance of a qualified Missouri attorney, who may be able to help them learn more about their legal rights and options. A guilty plea is not always the best choice, but it can be a useful decision for some drug offense cases.

Source: Quincy Herald-Whig, “Shelbina man pleads guilty to meth delivery charge” Don O’Brien, Feb. 04, 2014


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