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February 2014 Archives

Missouri mayor's son avoids DUI charges, license suspended

The son of Kansas City's Mayor Sly James has been charged with careless driving in connection with a traffic stop in December. The 25-year-old man was originally arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, but he has not been charged with DUI in the case. This is the second time that the man has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving but has avoided charges for driving while intoxicated.

Man pleads guilty to single meth drug charge

A Missouri man who had been accused of trafficking methamphetamine over state lines has pleaded guilty to other allegations out of Adams County. Authorities report that the 24-year-old man pleaded guilty to unlawful possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine. Three other drug charges were dropped in the case, including two counts of drug trafficking. The man could face a seven-year prison term in connection with the matter, but he would also be eligible for probation.

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