Missouri man arrested for sex crimes against 5 girls

The father of a man who had been convicted of a series of sex crimes in the southern U.S. has been arrested. The older man was arrested on Jan. 10 in Missouri in connection with a string of alleged sex offenses perpetrated against five girls in the state. Those children were all between the ages of 9 and 16, according to detectives’ reports.

Authorities say that an investigation against the man began in 2004, but the process stalled because key witnesses decided not to testify in the matter. In some cases, it appears that the witnesses were coerced into rescinding their testimony, thanks to the influence of others. The defendant in this sex crimes case is accused of providing a variety of expensive gifts for individuals used to convince witnesses not to testify. The case is under investigation again because one of the alleged victims turned 18 and decided to have the case reopened. Now, the older man is awaiting extradition to Missouri.

Even though the alleged crimes occurred years ago, the statute of limitations for sex crimes involving a minor is 30 years in Missouri. That means the man could still be held accountable for all of the alleged sexual crimes committed in the state. The defendant in this case had served as a pastor for the United Methodist church during his time in Western Missouri. He then retired in 2000, relocating to Louisiana. The author of four books, the man has remained active in local civic organizations, such as the Lion’s Club.

Defendants accused of sex crimes against juveniles may be able to benefit from the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. In such cases, it is possible that little physical evidence has been retained, leaving the process up to a “he said, she said” type of trial. Defendants in sex crimes cases have definite rights, and they deserve a fair legal proceeding just like any other criminal defendant. A qualified attorney can help protect those rights, preventing a criminal defendant from unfair or biased legal actions.

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