Missouri assault defendants bailed out by Saudi Arabia

Two men from Missouri has been released from custody after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia posted a whopping $2 million bail in connection with a criminal case. The men had been arrested in June on allegations that they had kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman. The man, ages 21 and 27, are facing formal charges of kidnapping and forcible sodomy, according to news reports. Each was held on a $1 million bail. Those men had been attending Missouri State University at the time of the assault incident.

A taxi driver who dropped the two men and a woman off at their apartment called police after he became suspicious of the men’s actions toward the woman. Police officers who followed up on that report found the woman in a distraught state at the apartment, where she was discovered vomiting, crying and only partially clothed. The woman suspected that she had been abducted from a nightclub she was visiting that evening, and she believed she might have been drugged.

Reports from the men’s attorneys, however, indicate that surveillance footage from the nightclub that evening may contradict some of the woman’s claims. They were not specific about that information.

The two defendants have been released from custody, but they are required to wear GPS ankle monitors until their trial in early February. Among other restrictions, the men are limited from visiting the nightclub where they allegedly met the victim in this case, and they may not patronize any establishment where alcohol is the primary source of revenue.

Such accusations and assault charges are often quite sensitive, as the situation can quickly devolve into a series of “he said, she said,” statements that do little to resolve the criminal case. A qualified criminal defense attorney may be able to assist those who are accused of violent crimes, such as rape and sexual assault, by helping jurors and others determine whether the victim’s testimony is credible. An arrest for sex crime or violent crime does not mean that the defendant is automatically considered guilty.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “Saudi Arabia pays $2 million bail in Missouri sex assault case” The Associated Press, Dec. 20, 2013


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